Since October 2018 I am offering Theraphi sessions to people who want to experiment a new approach to improving health, deep meditation, and regeneration.

Please note this device is still experimental. Since 2015 (year of creation) thanks to a small group of users around the world many healings and spectacular changes have been observed and reported. However, we are only at the beginning and we wish to document any significant improvement (or remissions) that may occur as a result of sessions with the Theraphi.


TheraPhi consists of two glass bulbs and an amplifier with a Tesla coil. The two bulbs, placed on each side of your body, contain noble gases that are excited by a 500'000V current transforming these gases from the state of gas to the state of plasma. This plasma produces a powerful bio-active toroidal shaped electro-magnetic field through the body (highly biologically restructuring for cellular and metabolic/mitochondrial functioning). The understanding and application of this particular electro-magnetic field stems from researches and first successful experiments of devices developed by Antoine Prioré in the 1960s, and also Lakhovsky, and Nicolas Tesla in the early twentieth century.

Here is a very recent presentation (October 17, 2018) made by one of the creators of Theraphi Dan Winter talking about plasma technology. I was lucky to be among the audience. Dan covers many of the principles behind Theraphi, and also provides some impressive case studies at the end... I highly recommend watching it:


Due to the power of the plasma field, exposure time under the device is relatively short. Session last between 10min and 25min. For the whole session with explanations and debriefing I usually spend around 30min per person.

Fare per session is 40€. If you take 10 sessions 2 of them are free of charge (8 to pay, 2 for free).

I also offer longer fragmented sessions of about an hour and a half for severe conditions and people suffering from heavy pain (only), based on Dr. Stelios's observations and researches in Greece, you can read more about his observations here: Session fare is 80€ (same as standard protocol: for 10 sessions, 2 are offered free of charge).

In general, a number of sessions is recommended to induce profound metabolic / cellular changes. Although this can happen sometimes after only one or two sessions. However for severe cases, several sessions a week over several weeks may be necessary.

Some more advanced conditions clients have experienced total remission over 3-4 weeks of daily exposure. Testimony of Dianne here. More testimonials here: other testimonials. NB: I am only reporting here observations shared by other Theraphi users around the world, done privately, and as part of the group of users of which I am a part of. If you wish to use theraphi to accompany you with any serious health problem, in addition to an existing medical treatment with your physician, please contact me to discuss it.


The therapeutic effects of the Theraphi include:                                     Industrial and household uses:

• Pain reduction                                                                                       • Food storage

• Reducing inflammation                                                                         • Water treatment

• Wound healing                                                                                      • Fermentation accelerator

• Anti-aging                                                                                              • Seed treatment

• Enhancing cancer recovery                                                                   • Increasing life and growth force

• Improve low energy levels                                                                     • Keeping blood and transplants alive in hospitals

• Increased Circulation                                                                             • Communication devices

• Enhancing the Immune System                                                             • Restoring genetic codes

• Anxiety reducation                                                                                 • Stem Cell and Telomere Research


I also have available a brilliant document of over 200 pages written by Dan Winter "Fractal Conjugate Space & Time: Cause of Negentropy, Gravity and Perception: Conjuring Life: The Fractal Shape of Time "Geometric Origins of Biology Negentropy" (you may also find more information on his website: which explains all the science of the physical phenomenon (phase conjugation - wave fractality) behind the plasma electromagnetic field that allows the restructuring of cells and functioning, as well as many biological, physical, astromonical, alchemical, and even spiritual processes), something that Antoine Prioré missed to explain clearly and who contributed to all the controversy and doubt around his invention, in spite of incontestable medical results. I do warn those interested in the above mentioned document, the language used is very scientific and requires good general knowledge in physics… However, I, who loves spirituality, found interesting passages delivering an unexpected scientific view on the rise of the Kundalini energy or dead spirits, among other phenomena thanks to phase conjugation... absolutely fascinating!

Clinical study on anti-cancer effects of CAP (Cold Atmosheric Plasma):

TheraPhi is a powerful plasma light / infrasound bioactive field generator. In a nutshell it allows to restore our natural and optimal living state by reducing physical and psychological stress. Other benefits reported:

  • Pain and inflammation reduction
  • Healing processes and immunitary system enhancement
  • Metabolism and cellular regeneration enhancement
  • Concentration and meditation enhancement
  • Body equilibrium and stronger state of well-being

Read more about TheraPhi science and some incredible testimonials on our global website:

Read testimonials here: