Usage notice of pascalradic.com

Any information provided in pascalradic.com or during a quantum therapy as explained and defined in this website is offered freely and without any commitment from the owner of this website. Any visitor or future client of one of the therapies listed in this website is aware and agrees that the owner does not commit to any result whatsoever. A quantum approach of science and any quantum healing technique have shown that several factors will affect the outcome, influences coming as much from the observer than the observation. To the contrary of classical/mechanistic science which uses an empirical approach where results are based on probabilities/statistics of previous results, a quantum approach is holistic because it takes into account all levels of the human being, physical, mental and emotional, present and past of the person, as well as her beliefs and level of consciousness.



The SCIO device was built and created to detect and reduce stress, measuring only the client's reactivity to tri-vectorial homeopathic signatures. This device does not make any diagnosis besides stress. No claim can be made besides stress detection and reduction. A quantum biofeedback practitioner does not give any prescription or recommendation but only suggests and offers options. He does not treat nor cure any medically-identified (or not) condition but only looks at normalizing and harmonizing "stressor" elements.

In a quantum and holistic approach a quantum biofeedback practitioner considers health as a personal quest with several healing paths possible but without commitment.

Any pathology or medical condition should require medical care. Quantum biofeedback will NOT substitute in any way to the advice of a qualified doctor.


Lucia N°3 is a safe technology and used mainly as a relaxation and "mind-tuning" device. However Lucia should NOT be used by epileptic or light-sensitive people. The Lucia practitioner plights to systematically ask beforehand whether his client has any of these conditions. If a client suffers from one of these conditions and omits, hides or is not aware of it, the practitioner shall not be held liable in case of any side effect.